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Leaves of The Tree
Ante Novakovic / Director

Born and raised to immigrant parents in the Bronx, Ante’s first encounter with the arts came while listening to the New York philharmonic during practice sessions at Lincoln Center. Inspired by the musicians and their ability to find a common rhythm he began to focus his talents on writing and illustrating to tell stories. He found a similar musical synergy in the creativity of imagery and the written word as a unique expression of his artistic ability . He attended and graduated from the New School University in New York with a degree in writing. His affinity for storytelling continued off Broadway with several plays he wrote and directed (“The immigrants Son”, “A room full of Nothing”, “Poems Taught”).
He began his career in film working alongside and in conjunction with Harvey Keitel and Colin Farrell for over a 23 year period. As an associate in their respective production companies he worked on over 60 feature films with a focus on pre- production, principal photography and post-production. This allowed him a working insight into the mechanism of feature films with a practical understanding of the technical aspects and craft of film making. He has come to define his own unique style of directing through his character driven short films “The Fix’, “Tammy” and television work. “Leaves of the Tree” is Ante’s first feature film.